About us


Doublemoss creates stylish handmade fine jewelry using only the highest grade natural gemstones and precious metals available. Our products are crafted to last a lifetime. We are a woman owned small business located in Los Angeles, CA. Our fine jewelry creations are available exclusively at www.doublemoss.com.  


We believe that jewelry should excite, empower, and bring joy to its wearer. Formed from earth's materials and crafted by human hands, these objects of design are meant to be timeless. Not many items exist that can maintain the legacy of its original caretaker, such as jewelry can. For this reason, we have chosen to use only precious metals and the finest diamonds & gemstones within our designs.


Our jewelry is manufactured in Los Angeles, California, by generational craftsmen. Unlike some other jewelry brands, we do not outsource our manufacturing overseas. This allows us to produce the highest caliber of work, achieve consistent quality, and oversee our pieces' responsible production.

Our standards for excellent quality start with our choice of gold. All of our products are crafted from ethically sourced 14k gold. Our casted jewelry pieces are each made by hand and undergo hand-finishing by a master jeweler. Each of our diamonds & gemstones is individually selected by one of our team members to ensure only the best make it into our pieces. 


We realize that the choices we make as a business today will impact people tomorrow. From our start, it has been of great importance for us to utilize a supply chain that aligns with our stringent standards of excellence, environmental sustainability, and human rights protection.

We require that each of our suppliers maintain policies that ensure compliance with our mission to protect people and the environment. We only use ethically sourced materials from trusted suppliers, our gold is refined within the USA by an accredited refinery that is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Our diamond supplier was founded 100 years ago and promotes a corporate culture that is focussed on the sustainability of the product and investing in the communities of people who help produce it. This supplier is also a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

With sustainability in mind, we choose 100% recyclable materials wherever possible. Our external packaging is 100% recyclable, including the interior paper void fill, which is non-toxic and dye-free. We make every effort to minimize our carbon footprint, which is why we utilize packaging materials produced within the USA by reputable suppliers. We also have taken steps to minimize waste within our packaging design, such as using the smallest exterior shipping box possible, and creating an interior box so beautiful you will want to store your items in it forever. 


Our business was founded with the core belief that jewelry is meant to empower ,bring joy and happiness to all individuals regardless of their skin color, ethnicity, or gender. This is why we decided from day one to ensure that our products be displayed on a diverse background of skin tones. Our belief in diversity doesn't stop at just our beautiful images; it's woven into our corporate culture. We take pride in the directive to give equal opportunity to underrepresented groups of people. Learn more about our employment practices here.


A constant desire to create art in the physical form led our founder & creative director, Betina Goldstein, to launch Doublemoss in August of 2019.

Betina's most notable work as a Nail Artist includes unique hand-painted creations typically adorned with gold wire, freshwater pearls, and gemstones. Her desire to create more structural nail art designs led her to learn the foundation of shaping and molding gold wire and working with gemstones.

The spark ignited when she handcrafted a 14k gold ring into a nest which cradled a freshwater pearl and sat at the tip of her fingernail. She had created her first fine jewelry wearable nail art. Betina coined the phrase the "Mani Ring," a stunning removable piece of art that could last generations. It wasn't until she wore this eye-catching design in public that it gained quite a bit of attention. Inspired by these interactions, Betina decided to follow her vision to create a full jewelry collection. Her concept for Doublemoss evolved from a singular Mani Ring to an entire brand that she could express her aesthetic and share her designs with the world.