Customer Support

You can contact customer support by emailing us here. A customer support agent will respond to you within two business days in most circumstances. Our staff is available Monday through Friday 10 AM - 5 PM Pacific Standard Time. 

During regular business hours, you can also contact us via our live chat located on your screen's bottom right. Agents typically respond in less than 2 hours. Be sure to leave your email address so that we can respond to your inquiry if you've gone offline.

Order status and more

You can find more details on your order by using our automated chatbot located in your screen's bottom right corner. You can track an order's status or report an issue right there without the need to contact customer support. If you do need further help, feel free to email us.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are gathering your most asked questions and answering them right here. Please be patient while we update this section of our website.